Principal's Message


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At St Mary's College our ambition is to care for all students during their various stages of development throughout secondary school.  A great deal of research and attention about our student learners allows us to provide time and resources that fulfil their needs and extend their abilities further. The College staff are warm and caring people that regard student development through education as an absolute priority. There is a strong emphasis to implement new exciting teaching concepts in conjunction with the Australian curriculum, middle schooling philosophies and senior curriculum. This is all performed through the extensive use of technology.

St Mary’s College has a proud history with strong community links that will continue to strengthen and grow. The College is renowned for producing high quality learning with a wide range of vocational education opportunities and outstanding OP results. Our unique size allows a genuine caring environment to exist with academic development and pastoral care for all students. This is all under a very manageable fee structure that includes all extras such as laptops, camps and excursions.

Finally, if you would like to view the diversity of activity that happens at St Mary’s, click on the Facebook link and witness all the opportunities that have recently been on offer.


Mr Graham Meertens (Principal)​