Mathematics is the ‘science’ of number, space and patterns. The tools provided in mathematics education are valuable in daily life, at work and in leisure. Mathematics enhances our understanding of our world and is fun. It is our aim to provide students with the mathematical skills and knowledge that best supports their path in the future.

Mathematics at St Mary’s College provides the opportunity for all students to meet the standard that allows students to participate fully in society and for gifted students to engage with the underlying principles of the universe and prepare for further study. In teaching and learning we foster deep understanding and the development of assessment to determine the quality of student learning to inform subsequent learning opportunities. Flexibility in our curriculum suits the specific needs of our students and is based on best practice.

In the middle years of schooling, Mathematics teachers aim to establish the current abilities of our students and to assist our students to develop to the level that they are capable of. To assist in this endeavour, we make use of differentiated learning experiences, teacher aides, and a variety of in class and extra-curricular extension activities. Mathematics courses offered at St. Mary’s College include %EF%82%B7 General Mathematics: Focusing on Mathematics suitable for preparation for further study with a moderate demand in Mathematics.  %EF%82%B7 Extension Mathematics: Focusing on higher level Mathematics and preparation for the QSA Senior courses Mathematics B and Mathematics C.​