Religious Education

​​​Religious Education

​​At St Mary's College, in​volvement in the Religious Education Curriculum is an essential and compulsory part of the curriculum for all students, Years 7 – 12. The Years 7 to 10 course is aligned with National Curriculum and follows a Social Science structure of inquiry.​ In Years 11 and 12, the QCAA course of Religion and Ethics and Study of Religion are offered.

In the Religious Education courses delivered across the year levels, the students are invited to develop an understanding of Christian sacred text, beliefs, and Church and Christian life. All students also participate in deep learning about other world religions (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, along with insights into the spirituality of the Aboriginal culture) to develop an understanding and respect for all peoples. The studies are contextualised to understand the way in which believers in all religions engage in an ever changing world while remaining true to their core beliefs.​

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