Social Science

At St Mary's College, Social Sciences follow the Australian Curriculum in Queensland and will help students learn about the world and
provides for real-life experiences both within and beyond the walls of the classroom. Subjects offered within our Department include:
  • Modern and Ancient History - Students may come to understand, know and appreciate how the peoples and achievements of the past have influenced the societies of the modern world.
  • Geography - Students may develop a concern for the sustainability of the environment and the quality of human life.  Through investigation, students should explore a range of attitudes and values related to ecologically sustainable development, social justice and democratic processes.
  • Legal Studies -  Students will examine the nature and function of the legal system, the process of law making, the rights and responsibilities of citizens and certain specific areas of law that are most likely to impact on their lives.
  • Business subjects - They will also have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of issues challenging business organisations and managers locally, nationally and globally. This will enable them to develop the knowledge, abilities and ethical commitment to participate as active citizens in shaping the future.