St Mary’s College offers a range of diverse learning pathways within Technologies, allowing students to develop their design, production and project management skills in a variety of contexts. Students utilise current technologies such as 3D Printing and Scanning in their projects, with the school’s laptop program assisting with contemporary workflow practices and management. This enables students to experience real life applications of technology with links to industry and the community. St Mary’s College makes provision for students focusing on both academic and vocational pathways, with both Authority and Authority-registered subjects offered at Senior.

T​​echnologies: Years 7-10

·         Digital Technologies
·         Engineering
·         Graphics
·         Food Technology
·         Hospitality (Year 10)
·         Textiles Technology
·         Industrial Technology & Design

Technolo​​​gies: Senior

·         Graphics
·         Engineering Studies 
·         Hospitality (SAS)
·         Information Processing Technology
·         Manufacturing (SAS)

Senior classes within Technologies are arranged as composites to allow for a wide variety of subject offerings. This also creates opportunities for student leadersh​ip as Year 12 students mentor Year 11 students, while developing their own design skills and deepening their knowledge within Technologies.

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