Vocational Education and Training

​Vocational education and training (VET) enables students to acquire workplace skills through nationally recognised training within an accre​dited course. 

​​At St Mary’s College, our students have a limitless range of options to pursue with the training and courses available to them. 

​These opportunities such as school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SAT) and attending external Queensland Studies Authority registered training organisations (RTO).

​Th​ey are available to all Year 11 and 12 students and in some cases, Year 10 students can access these pathways.

Courses of​​​fered at St Mary’s College

St Mary’s College offers several subjects as part of its Vocational Education program. These Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses are nationally accredited courses and certificates.

​Students will be eligible to receive one or more certificate qualifications.

​Qualifications gained are determined through competency-based assessment. The completed certificate/s and units of competency will appear on the Senior Statement.

​Courses offered at St Mary’s College include:

  • ​​Certificate IV in Crime and Justice
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (Networking)
  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II in Hospitality
  • Certificate II in Infrastructure and Resourcing (Work Preparation)
  • Certificate II in Tourism
“Completing the certificate IV course in crime and justice has been advantageous for me as I am interested in the legal system and how it works and I also get 8 QCE points. It is also great to have the opportunity to get a direct entry into the Bachelor of Criminology course at the University of Sunshine Coast. (Year 12 student Tajanna Parmenter)

Courses offered​ offsite

Students at St Mary’s have the opportunity to complete nationally accredited courses outside of school. These students miss one day of school a week to do their training and pick up a study line where they catch up on schoolwork missed or do their coursework. 

TAFE Ea​​st Coast

Students are able to study a range of courses at TAFE East Coast who have campuses in Maryborough and Hervey Bay. More information on these courses can be found on the TAFE at Schools link below: 

Trade Training ​Centre

Below are the current courses offered at the Trade Training Centre located at Maryborough SHS.
  • ​Certificate I in Construction
  • Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways
  • Cert II in Engineering Pathways
  • Cert II in Engineering Pathways (Formula Student)
“I currently do the Certificate II in Heath Support course at TAFE and it is great. TAFE at Maryborough has a Health Hub and there is a mock ward, mechanical hoist and shower rooms.  It has been interesting learning the different treatment options available in health care.” (Year 11 student Aidan Bensein)