​​Station Square Spelling Bee 2019.

Over the past 2 weekends Station square was a buzz of activity with the annual interschool Spelling Bee. In previous years the College has not had any students willing to go into battle in the spelling arena. However, 2018 has been the complete opposite all thanks to six highly motivated Year 7 students who took up the challenge. They are seasoned players in this mental sport having represented St Mary’s Primary in previous years.  Thus our 2 teams of three began practising diligently at home coached by their parents. 

Saturday 20th October was seriously exciting. The words were tricky, including some that were very unfamiliar. SMC Team One – Alexandrea Rossiter, Anneka Haman and Jearen Rivero – won the heat. SMC Team Two – Bonnie Quinn-Hennessey, Noah Tye and Billy Poulter needed to win a tie-breaker to also enter the final. They did this with flourish, spelling the word SOLECISM, not a word that would generally be familiar to a Year 7 student. 
Saturday 27th October was now a St Mary’s Final showdown. It was so rewarding to see the students work together in their teams. After 10 very tricky words Team Two, leading by one, was declared the winner. Team One was gracious in defeat. My sincere thanks to the parents who assisted and supported their students in preparation for this competition. The students were  excellent ambassadors for our College and are very keen to return next year. There is the added incentive of winning an iPhone and other great prizes courtesy of the Sponsors and also Station Square Shopping Centre.