Top Technology Hub for our Seniors

​Top Technology Hub for our Seniors

Term 4 2020 welcomed the launch of the newly renovated exceptional Senior Hub


The newly renovated Senior Classroom Hub is dedicated to our Students advanced learning requirements, St Mary's College is excited to have the project finished and ready for our valued students to enjoy. 

The seniors contributed to the internal design preferences and are very excited to now have such an advanced space dedicated to inspiring and supporting their learning. Discreetly jam packed with the latest technology the  equipment within the rooms seamlessly integrate with every student and staff members individual College laptop and technology devices, the comfortable furnishings create distinctive multi-work spaces, within the set of three unique expansive rooms.

Our students were given a tour of the rooms ahead of the official launch, here is what they had to say…

Jack Mott (Captain of College) "The comfortable furniture and collaborative learning spaces are really good, We enjoy writing on the Whiteboard walls in groups. Working with the teacher, being able to display and work on our projects straight from our laptops to the touch boards and back is pretty nice."

Eyerus Dale and Elle Wilson - "We like writing on the whiteboard walls and we both like the new chairs and beanbags, this helps us relax in learning, it's great to have collaboration spaces and also the whiteboard tables"

Senior classroom hub.jpg


The following week St Mary's College invited some special guests to tour our newly renovated senior classroom hub…

Deputy Principal Bern Feldman hosted the group and welcomed them to explore the features designed with the latest technology, our students will now enhance their learning with versatile spaces combined with their fully supported laptop and IT systems.

It was wonderful to be introduced to Labor Senator for Queensland Anthony Chisholm with MP Bruce Saunders and again see our Mayor George Seymour joined by Deputy Mayor Darren Everard and our Division 4 Councillor Daniel Sanderson. 

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