Leading the region in ATAR excellence

​​2020 Student Year 12 Success

The students graduating from St Mary’s College in 2020 should feel very proud of their post schooling options and pathways and have much to celebrate.

A massive congratulations to our fantastic class of 2020

16% received an ATAR above 96

28% received an ATAR above 90

47% received an ATAR above 87

(In approximate OP terms, these students would have ranked OP 1-7)


As the first students to complete the new QCE system, they have done significantly well across all areas.

2020 Graduates Post-Schooling Summary:

  • 100% of students received their QCE/VET qualifications across a variety of areas
  • 47% of students received an ATAR or 87 or above (In approximate OP terms, these students would have ranked OP 1-7)
  • Over 90% of University-bound students received their first preference of course and institution across a range of Science, Engineering, Health, Law, Education, and Design.
  • Students have received apprenticeships in a range of areas in Maryborough
  • Others have applied for the armed forces and taken up employment locally


Special acknowledgement goes to our MANY students who received 90 and above!

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We look forward to hearing their stories over future years as they will always be a part of our St Mary’s Community. We wish them well in all endeavours.​