Science and Engineering Challenge 2017

On Friday the 5 of May, Year 9 and 10 students ventured down to Hervey Bay, to compete in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge. The students were organised into groups of 3 or 4 and set various engineering tasks in competition with other school around the Fraser Coast Region. Students competed in a range of challenges throughout the day including building a mars rover robot, creating a catapult, communicating in code, making a bionic arm, designing flat packs and much more.

An absolute stellar effort put in by all students and the students performed exceptionally well. Each challenge gains the College points and even though we were one team short compared to the other competing schools, when all the individual team points were added together we still managed to get 3rd place overall. Special mention must go to Molly Clark, Lilly Peitso and Alicia Davenport who built a bridge that was the first one tested in Queensland to be able to hold the 'bridge buster' weight. Many of the students on the day made mention of the fact that they were thankful for their learnings in the newly developed STEM subject that they were undertaking, as it certainly helped them in their planning and design processes.

Overall an extremely enjoyable day, "It is so good to see the students given the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge that we are giving them in class in such an interesting forum" comment Miss Foddy and Mrs Elmer.