Telstra Innovation Awards - 1st and 2nd Place!

Thursday 6 June saw St Mary's College teams participate in the Final Pitch for the Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards. The College managed to win not only 1st prize but runners-up as well! The competition was open to all high schools in the Fraser Coast region. The concept was to find an issue in our area and create an innovative solution to solve it. The groups had to find a target market for their idea, get feedback on them and validate whether their idea was viable or whether they needed to pivot. Four of our teams made it through to the final phase where they had to pitch their idea in 3 minutes, to 5 judges and an audience of over 60 people. All teams did an amazing job with their ideas.

The winners created 'Lost Dawgz' which is a bone shaped device that dogs can wear on their collar that connects to an app on the owner's phone. The device alerts owners when their dog breaches boundaries and the owners can then use the app to live track their dog, send them voice commands (for those obedient dogs) and even take a wide shot photo of where the dog is at that time. The creators of this awesome idea are Skyla Birch and Ava Smith and they have won a trip to Sydney to check out the Telstra Innovation Lab. On Friday, the girls got interviewed by the Fraser Coast Chronicle on their win which was exciting for them.  

Runners-up created 'Tank Float' by Emily Elford, Victoria Heggie and Jozephyne Kruger. Their idea was a float inside your water tank that will alert you of the level of water by LED lights on the side of the tank as well as via an app. From the app you can check your water level at any given time, customise your alerts and has a list of local water suppliers to contact.  

'Farmers Connect' was an idea by Faith Kernke and Ebony McIntyre created to help the well- being of farmers. It is an app that connects farmers in the community to each other, for help and support. The app also includes extra features such as tracking of cattle via an ear tag and programming a drone to survey the property.

'Rubot the Rubbish Robot' was the invention of Renoah Recinto, Olaedo Ibe and Felicia Page. Rubot is an interactive rubbish robot who can be taken to schools and parks, to encourage users to put litter in the bin by congratulating them on each piece of rubbish put in it with sounds and lights. It can be used in games at school where teams compete against each other to pick up the most rubbish.

All the teams have been working very hard with the College coordinators Kirsty Patterson and Jason Menard on their ideas since February and did a fantastic job. They represented St Mary's College wonderfully.