The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

​Play production 2019 SMC

Narnia! A land of magic and mayhem where humans and animals can coexist to present a formidable adversary to the forces of evil. For three wonderful and inspiring performances, the magic of Narnia came to life in Maryborough. Congratulations to all students, teachers, community members, parents and carers. Your combined efforts created a polished and innovative drama production that will be remembered and re-visited long after the curtains closed and the magic was gone from the stage of Room 42. 

Bringing the classic C.S. Lewis, children's story, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to life on the stage at St Mary’s College was a  challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. Rehearsal to final production has involved many months of exciting, inspirational and humourous moments of theatre work. We have had blood, sweat and a few tears and lots of Eureka! experiences. 

A production like this needs many elements to come together from the intricacy of costume and set design, sourcing props and finally finding that perfect train whistle,  crack of thunder or lion’s roar. Let’s not forget the power of the lighting to create just the right mood and atmosphere. It was a long and sometimes hard journey to Narnia but bringing it to life with its welcoming lamp-post and the delight of the falling snow has been a process that the students will always remember.

Students  commented that it was: 
hard work…but lots of fun
an experience I will never forget and never regret having been involved in!
Fun! Fun! Fun! and I got to talk to lots of people I had not really known before
Great to put our acting skills to the test
A great learning experience…I learnt so much about the technical aspects of a theatre production
a FANTASTIC team experience…Thank you so much

 Once again Thank You to all those who helped make the show possible including Glenys Nash, Tracy Wright, Tim Chamberlain, Alice Foddy, Lily Peisto, Kerry Macdonald and Nicola Canning as well as all the parents, friends and care-givers who gave of their time to ensure all the cast and crew were at rehearsals and ready to give it their all!!

So it is time to say goodbye to Narnia and its magic. Would we do it all again? Absolutely! 

Jonathan Canning - Director
Glenys Nash - Producer