Twenty18 Art Show

​​Twenty18, our 4th annual Art exhibition, was held in Gatakers Artspace throughout August.  With over 70 students exhibiting and a collection of over 130 artworks, this year was our most successful exhibition yet.  At the Exhibition Opening, parents, students, staff and friends joined together to celebrate. The Opening, and the exhibition in general, have become a highlight on the Visual Arts calendar and this year was no exception.  Thanks to Ms Carlee Daniels and her team of hospitality students for their culinary creativity. Thanks also to Mrs Tracy Wright and her team of student musical performers for providing entertainment for the evening.  It is a real privilege to have access to such a professional art space and our students work looked terrific in the gallery.

After much deliberation, the panel of judges were able to decide on the winning works for 2018. In the Years 7 & 8 category, first place was awarded to Jorja Sessarago's work “Striated Pardolote" and also to Anneka Haman's work “Cock-a-doodle-doo".  In the Years 9 and 10 category, first place was awarded to Brenda-Lee Muller's work “Thorns".  In the Years 11 and 12 category, first place was awarded to Julia Hansen's work “Butch".  Congratulation to our runners up Chelsie Macnamara, Mackenzie Mitchell and Alisha Davenport. 

The exhibition highlighted the amazing talent of students at St Mary's College and we look forward to the amazing works you will display in 2019!

Tim Chamberlain

Event Co-ordinator