Values, Vision and Mission

​​​Values Vision Mission.jpg​​​Our Values

St. Mary'​s College values:

  • ​​​The place of Jesus and his Gospels
  • Prayer as essential in our lives
  • Excellence as a goal
  • Co-operation tolerance and friendship
  • Hard work
  • A Family atmosphere
  • Respect and affirmation of the person
  • The opportunity to achieve
  • Open and honest consultation and communication
  • Community involvement
  • A dynamic approach to learning
  • Staff growth through on going spiritual and professional development
  • A safe and happy environment
  • School spirit
  • Preparation for the world of work
  • Critical thinkers
  • Individual responsibility and accountability
  • The right of every student to learn
  • Cultural and environmental

Our Vision

St. Mary’s College Community is committed to an educational ministry by:

Engaging the Spirit

We engage God's spirit to work through us to​​ demonstrate gospel values of dignity, justice, integrity, respect, prayerfulness, love and compassion. As a faith filled community we give expression to our belief in Christ through teaching and learning and ultimately our community’s nurturing of young people.

Promoting the Mission

As a Parish school, St. Mary’s College​​ promotes Christian education in the Catholic tradition as a life long journey based on the charism of the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy. Our mission is quality education which is holistic, dynamic and responsive to the needs of our students and the community we serve.

Building the Community 

Right relationships and service are the foundation of our faith filled community of parents, students, staff members and parishioners. It is through our connectedness that we build our caring, collaborative and inclusive community.

Our​​​​ Mission

God's spirit inspires t​he St. Mary's College community to love, learn and live as Christian people of faith.  Within the Catholic tradition and in partnership we nurture Integrity and Knowledge in all by:

  • striving for excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning
  • respecting the dignity of each person
  • recognising the responsibilities of all
  • fostering a safe and secure community
  • inspiring all to serve generously now and in the future