Tuckshop.jpg  A dedica​ted team of volunteers staff our Tuckshop under the guidance of Mrs Debbie Power and operates Monday to Friday.​

We strive to make sure our Tuckshop menu& offers a sensible, healthy and appealing selection of snacks and meals.

Our current price list is available below:


​Pre-ordering via a paper bag is available for a selected items only. This option allows students to be first to enter the Tuckshop at each break. Students can come to the Tuckshop in the morning and fill out their paper bag (name, 1st or 2nd break, order and cost) and place the bag in the Tuckshop Order Box. They should also include their money in the paper bag or alternatively pay on exiting the Tuckshop.

Students wh​​o do not wish to order via the paper bag system are required to line up outside the Tuckshop and will be ushered into the Tuckshop by the duty teacher. We operate a walk-through, self-serve Tuckshop with students paying for their purchases on exiting.

We love having volun​​teers at our Tuckshop and see it as a great way parents can get involved in the everyday life of the College.

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