Learning & Teaching

​​​​​​​​St Mary's College is committed to providing an engaging and innovative learning environment and developing in students independent thinking and informed decision-making. This document provides information for students on subjects and important contact information.
St Mary's believe that the individual child and their individual life-long learning journey should be catered for within the school curriculum.  Allowing the students to operate at their level and building on their prior learning does much to build their confidence and self-esteem.​

The staff at St Mary's College are committed to encouraging and supporting students to achieve high academic standards and, also, to developing a sense of connectedness.  We are dedicated to developing a culture that holds, encourages, and supports our adolescent students through these vital transition years, whilst also facilitating them to remain affiliated and contributing positively. 

Our Learning & Pastoral programs focus upon encouraging and supporting students to:

  • Set clear goals;
  • Plan strategies to achieve the results they want;
  • Understand that effort is not merely an optional extra but is an essential ingredient to achieving dreams.​

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority Video links: