College Board

​St​ Mary's College Pastoral Board meets throughout the year to discuss strategic and pastoral directions of the school. The Board consist of parents, friends and staff of the College community that regularly discuss building partnerships with our Parish, community organisations and families. Board members are called to this particular ministry in Catholic education to serve students, staff and the entire schooling community and they regard this as an absolute privilege.

  • Michelle Jarrad (Chair)
  • Michelle White (Secretary & Acting Principal - St Mary's Primary)
  • Eris Duffy​ (Parish Representative)
  • Tameika Grist (Principal - St. Mary's College)
  • Amy Brennan (Assistant Principal - Religious Education)
  • Desley Lourigan (Business Manager)
  • Krissy Lourigan (Staff)
  • Denella Sawtell (Parent)