​​​​St Mary's College offers a wide range of support for our students and their families, both during school hours and beyond. The College is dedicated to catering for all learners of various abilities and this is highlighted with the several pathways that are on offer. The Learning Services team consists of teachers and teacher aide staff that assist with providing educational opportunities that suit the uniqueness of different learners.

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The College is also committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of students and protection of students from harm. This commitment comes in the form of our well documented and communicated Student protection process and there is a full-time psychologist on campus to assist students in times of need. The Counselling also includes academic and careers counselling for all students.

These services are all embedded in the College Pastoral Care Program. Our team of Pastoral Leaders regularly liaise with the learning services team and the Counsellor to ensure every student is supported during their time at St Mary's.​