​St Mary's College has up-to-date facilities across the campus and all rooms are air-conditioned. For more information on our facilities, please refer to the list below.


The CITADEL - St Mary's specialist STEM lab

  • ​The CITADEL​ is St​ Mary’s College “Makerspace”.  Citadel stands for Create- Imagine- Transform- Acquire- Design- Engineer- Learn.
  • ​​​It is a space where students are welcome to visit before school and during break to work on projects, enjoy technology, make things and collaborate with like-minded students. Classes may also use this space during lessons. Some of the activities and equipment available in the CITADEL include:

​Robotics - Lego Mindstorms​Arduio
​Raspberry Pi
​Google Cardboard
​Holograms​iPads and Tablets
​3D Printer​Disassembly station
​Mac​Makey Makey
​LittleBits​Circuit Scribe


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 Middle School Rooms

  • Large dynamic spaces that can be configured a number of different ways to suit different learning strategies

  • Flexible furniture that is both ergonomic and functional

  • Engaging environments that stimulate learning and cater for student’s individual needs

 Science Laboratories 

  • Contemporary work stations that facilitate scientific discovery

  • Extensive collection of state-of-the-art scientific equipment engages student’s investigative instincts

  • Both individual and collaborative laboratory settings available to cater for a wide variety of experimental and research activities

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  • Darkroom, dedicated installation room, painting studio and gallery all integrated into learning spaces

  • Interactive decor that stimulates the senses and encourages creativity

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Tissot Chapel and Garden of Honour

  • Quiet, reflective space for prayer and contemplation
  • The spiritual hub of the College which celebrates our traditions

  • Garden of honour commemorates the sacrifices of past students who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country and defending our nation

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Library and Resource Centre

  • Comfort furniture and flexible spaces promote student collaboration and learning circle
  • Comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction resources engage students sense of wonder and love of learning
  • Cutting edge technologies deliver information to students on demand

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IT Hub

  • Dedicated IT services and technicians available at all times to students

  • Hardware and software support provided by dedicated staff

  • Tech Team focused on problem-solving and trouble-shooting run by students to support their peers and to develop high level IT skills

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 Ind​ustrial Technology and Design

  • Industrial-grade machinery and workshops provide realistic and industry-relevant experiences for students

  • Latest technologies such as Laser Cutters, 3D printers, UV printers and CAD packages ensure students are immersed in contemporary and up-to-date work cultures

  • Highest level of safety built into the designs of all workstations to ensure a safe and productive environment that is reflective of industry standards

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  • Commercial-grade kitchen and industry standard instructional facilities ensure students gain a realistic and accurate appreciation of the hospitality industry

  • Fully equipped restaurant facility on campus allows students to plan, design and run their own functions

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​Physical Education

  • A 12 metre climbing wall, state-of the art playing surface and gym equipment all integrated into a full size, all weather, multi-purpose gymnasium

  • A full range of sporting equipment available for students to utilise including soccer, futsal, hockey, netball, touch, rugby league, rugby union, badminton, table tennis, basketball, golf, athletics, rock-climbing, aerobics and gymnastics

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Marine Studies

  • A wide range of freshwater and oceanic equipment is on hand to allow students to fully explore careers in the marine industry

Performing Arts

  • Dedicated studios and practice rooms provide excellent environments for students to hone their musical talents
  • Editing suites and a blue-screen facility allow students to experiment in the art of film-making
  • Industry-grade light and sound equipment, mixing desks and cameras are all integrated into a fully functional theatrette

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