​​​ Tuckshop.jpg ​A dedicated team of volunteers staff our Tuckshop under the guidance of Mrs Debbie Power our Tuckshop Convenor. The Tuckshop operates 5 days per week for first and second break. Our Tuckshop menu offers a sensible, healthy and appealing selection of snacks and meals.

Our current price list is available below:

Tuckshop Menu.pdf

Students are required to line up outside the Tuckshop and walk-through selecting items using our self-serve system. Students can pay for their purchases via EFTPOS on exiting. (Due to Covid-19 we encouorage the use of EFTPOS)

If students require food that needs to be specially prepared due to dietary requirements they are required to pre-order.  This is done by filling in detail on a paper bag at the Tuckshop prior to the first bell.

We love having volu​nteers at our Tuckshop and see it as a great way parents can get involved in the everyday life of the College.

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