Parent Engagement

​Everything we know about the world tells us that education must change to match the needs of a changing workforce.

The rationale for P&F groups has evolved over the life of the Catholic education system. Fundraising is important but is less crucial as our system matures and the quality of facilities in our College improve. The challenges we face with educating our children for an evolving future create both the opportunity and imperative for parents to become more deeply engaged in different ways in the schools which are so important to the lives of our families. ​​

The aim is to focus on reinvigorating your connections to the College Community and changing the focus from fundraising to supporting and engaging in your child's learning.  The priority of any strategy of course, is to benefit th​e children. 

​​The challenge is in how to enact this and, importantly, how we support and excite all participants in our community. This does not involve doing more.  But it does involve doing things differently. Our hope is to attract more parents to engage more deeply in the life of the College and provide us with a strong resource base that helps better educate your child. 

​The relationship between the College and you as parents should be a two way process.  We as a school can't do it alone.  We need to be able to have dedicated parent volunteer groups to support us.