Learning Enhancement

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Learning Enhancement at St Mary’s College supports the learning needs of a diverse range of students through an inclusive education model. Our team is comprised of a Support Teacher, School-Based Speech Pathologist, Guidance Counsellor, Data Analyst, and a team of School Officers. We work with staff and students to provide targeted support to students in their classwork and completion of assessment within the classroom as well as supporting teachers to deliver quality differentiation. School Officers work within the classroom to provide support with classwork and assessment. The level of support provided to students is dependent upon individual need.

With a focus on academic achievement, social inclusion and independence, St Mary’s College Support Staff are dedicated to the holistic development of all students in their care. Their passion for education and commitment to getting the best possible outcomes for every student ensures each child is valued and encouraged to do and be the best they can. This also ensures that all individual learning needs are supported.

The Learning Enhancement Centre is open to all students​. The room is available for quiet activities and for study before school and during lunch breaks. Support staff are also available during these times to provide one-on-one assistance to students to support them with the completion of assessment and preparation for exams.

For more information, please contact Mrs Amy-Louise Kiss (Learning and Teaching Ieader Inclusive Education)

Email: akiss@bne.catholic.edu.au