Evangelisation and Faith Formation

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As a community we evangelise our faith through our actions and our promotion of right-relationships. The Gospel Values that emerge from our faith guide and inspire us to find ways to engage with our world through the lens of advocacy and mercy.

Campus Minister

Our College has the services of a Campus Minister who walks with the students’ in Faith and Justice. Her work ​connects the Parish and the College, opening up opportunities for students to explore their faith and engage with living the Gospel.

Saints Cafe

Saints is a gathering point for students to come and share ideas, be in community and have a coffee, tea,​ hot chocolate as they plan their actions for justice. The students serve and be served, learning the important connection of being for others.


Our Retreat Program engages our students with the Catholic Faith through a journey of Identity, Community, Talents and Leadership. Taking the students out of the everyday, we take time out a​​t the Brolga Theatre, at the Mary River and Queens Park, to reflect, to engage and to be challenged by our place in the world. The College engages external teams such as Belium, Vocations Brisbane and Experience Well Being to give the students truly engaging retreats.

Parish Life

Many students are involved in Parish life through Ministry. Our Catholic students participate as and are invited to be altar servers, Ministers of the Word, Music Ministry and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. Their service to the Parish is highly valuable and assisting others to pray is a wonderful form of service.

MAC Team – Make A Change

The MAC Team are a group of Senior Students who develop and run Youth Ministry nights and events for youth in the Parish. Special Guests, games nights, vocations, shared masses with other youth groups from the district ensure that our youth are nurtured and strengthened spiritually.