Religious Identity and Culture


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Emerging Values

At St Mary’s College we look to our founding charisms for inspiration. The Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy followed the spirituality of their founders, Edmund Rice and Catherine McAuley. Their work for justice in Ireland was of mercy and advocacy. For our community, the following values have emerged as inspiration to support our Identity and Culture as a Catholic school.

  • Community - St Mary’s is a community that invites all students to share fully the spiritual, curriculum and extracurricular offerings. We are a community of welcome and celebration, recognising all our members as significant contributors to a better world.
  • Service - Through community we can better serve those who are in need of compassion. This is the heart of mercy and advocacy. To serve one another with the gifts we have received is to be stewards for the support and hope for all.
  • ​​​ Justice - We build right relationships with others, so that we may be understood. ​​​We open our hearts, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so each person may be hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.
  • Success – We engage our talents and are open to new experiences. We have courage to meet the challenge of fulfilling dreams and aspirations; going beyond the ordinary to be the ​best version of ourselves. In doing so, we are hope-filled and free to build a better world.​​